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    The Valley Group

    Retail marketing group creating powerful in-store solutions, driven by insight, knowledge and creativity

    Meet the team

    James Haggas

    Managing Director

    James has steered The Valley Group to the great global business it is today. Overseeing the client experience, Design and Marketing capabilities James has an unprecedented knowledge of retail marketing that has earned him the title 'Dr Retail'

    Jonathan Haggas

    Managing Director

    Jonathan has been influential in the strategic growth of The Valley Group. A true expert in the retail sector, Jonathan manages the entire commercial and operational talents within the group.

    John Haggas

    Group Chairman

    Chairman, inventor, and oldest family member, John Stansfield Haggas is the third generation to help steer this business to where it is today.

    Julia Heywood

    Account Director

    Julia is a founding Director of the group. Leading customer relationships, Julia has vast experience when working amongst brands and their retail customers to achieve the greatest retail results possible.

    Bruno the dog

    Head of Security

    He may not have the best gnashers in the world, but our Bruno is flying high as our top salesman in 2019. Make no bones, the others can only dream of his success. Follow him on #the_official_brunopuggle

    Richard Boxley

    Jon Pacey

    New business manager

    Jon is our charismatic new business manager and with a flair for exotic cookery, his resemblance to Ainsley Harriott is no co-incidence.

    James Sheehan

    Chris Haywood

    Cameron Jalil

    Aka Rocky (you’ll have to ask him!) – Cameron makes the magic happen, turning a spreadsheet into a campaign and a retail triumph.

    Basil Metcalf

    Head of Finance

    The bean counter – a whizz with numbers and always carrying dog treats, so loved by all. An avid Bradford City supporter, he has no need to leave his beloved Yorkshire!

    Glen Baskeyfield

    Glen manages all things print in our harden plant, as well as being the life and soul of the party, which he is always the last to leave!


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