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    Like all the leaders in the POP industry we are focussing ever more on the environmental impact of the beautiful in-store creations that we design and deliver, but unlike many others, we don’t just look at the impact of our part of the process, but look at the entire supply chain from design to final delivery in-store.

    Whenever possible, we like to close the loop on the entire production process to ensure what we have made is delivered and installed in an environmentally friendly manner:

    • FSC accreditation of our material suppliers to ensure sustainability in the paper industry.

    • Promoting the use of recycled polypropylenes and plastics, keeping the use of virgin materials to a minimum.

    • Recycling of 99% of our waste products, with 0.1% going to landfill.

    • Ensuring efficient use of materials including our zero waste brown box packaging line.

    • Working with distribution networks to ensure efficient loads on double decker trailers if low stock heights are required.

    • Eliminating wasted journeys by prefilling shippers and pallets prior to despatch.

    • Innovative retail solutions for clients like Levis and Apple.

    If you are interested, we are more than happy to share our sustainability checklist with you at the initial design briefing stage to ensure we deliver on our environmental promises



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